Who We Are

Rob Jaskiewicz, L.C.S.W.    I extend a warm welcome to you. I am the owner and director of Montclair Health Associates, a full-service association of health practitioners utilizing current gold standards in behavioral, nutritional, and mental health care interventions. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rutgers University where I received the designation Henry Rutgers Scholar, given for academic excellence and student leadership. I held the position of teaching assistant and went on to teach at Rutgers after completing graduate school at New York University with a clinical specialization. I have since trained graduate students to be therapists and teach graduate-level psychology classes, including a study of anxiety disorders classes I developed: The Psychology of Anxiety; and "Psychology East and West" which blends psychological methods of Buddhism spiritual psychological practices and Western psychology methods.

While in graduate school I was particularly interested in hypnotherapy, and empirically supported treatments (supported by research). My primary mentor, Daniel Brown, PhD., has written several books on clinical hypnosis including: Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis (with E. Fromm), Hypnosis and Behavioral Medicine (with E. Fromm), and Creative Mastery in Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis, on the permissive style of hypnotherapy.