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At Montclair Health Associates, we provide a wide range of psychotherapy approaches for children and adults including specialized treatment for trauma and habit change.

What you can expect, in a timely manner from us, is an opportunity to learn something more about yourself and find your unique direction. Psychotherapy will help you to identify your options, gain skills to change and improve, and discover what may be required to meet the goal(s) you came in to address.

For psychotherapy to be effective, skillful means are needed to work with the obstacles in your life. The more you put in to psychotherapy, the more you will get out. Research in psychotherapy points out this effectiveness and the possibility of long-lasting achievements and ongoing improvement.

It is understandable to have some degree of reluctance with starting a therapeutic conversation. Typically, once the conversation begins, tension lessens, as you focus on your future. As this process moves forward, most people see the connections between the many influences on their life, and begin to identify and resolve their specific concerns. Therein lies the groundwork for lasting change.

Change involves allowing yourself to fulfill your own basic needs and inclinations, without unnecessarily causing yourself pain or hurting those around you. For in-depth information about the models of change we integrate, please click on the red text links within the "Therapy Styles" box on this page. We will gladly discuss the best ways to meet your therapy needs and direction and urge you to approach change in a strategic way. You will have our full support to make changes at the speed and level you are comfortable with regardless of the therapy style(s) best suited to you.