Divorce Changes... Talk with us

Feeling overwhelmed? We'll help you gather your thoughts, create a plan, and put your best foot forward.

What will my life be like should I divorce? We'll help you with the transitions and adjustments.

What do I do if things seem impossible? We'll show you how to deal with impossible situations to minimize conflict

How do I talk to friends, children, and family members about my divorce? We'll help you determine what to say and decide if it's in your best interest.

What can I expect from the process as a divorcing Woman or Man? We'll share our expertise in these and other difficult situations.

What about future concerns; Stepparenting, custody, finances? We'll help you manage and get ready for your future.

A licensed therapist with expertise in relationships and divorce matters will talk with you while safeguarding your confidentiality about this most personal matter. Please call or email us to arrange a free phone consult.

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