Behavioral Medicine is a profound resource for people facing physical symptoms of stress, pain, illness, and disease, and can be used as a compliment to whatever your doctors and the health care system as a whole can do for you, to move you toward greater levels of health and well being. Behavioral medicine offers help by using the powerful, well-known connection between psychology, medicine, and our physical health. Behavioral health care works together with medical treatment, combining treatments to allow for a more positive medical result for people who find that they want to do everything possible for themselves for the health of their mind and body.

By understanding the importance of psychological distress and the effects of feelings and emotions on our body we can adjust our behaviors and positively affect our own health. Behavioral Medicine treatment focuses only on what you want help with. Some important benefits of Behavioral medicine are: increased satisfaction with health care; better treatment outcomes; and, reducing unnecessary medical care such as excessive medication use.

There are many physical problems that have shown improvement by adding Behavioral Medicine treatment and we gladly offer help with many problems.